Saturday, May 1, 2010

Memories and Hormones!

Who knew life could change so much in 10 years? Today, I guess I've been in nesting mode; I'm done giving finals and now only have to grade, so I'm taking time today to clean out my old chest of drawers and desk that are in the baby's room. I know hormones don't help, but who knew cleaning out a desk would make you cry? A little backstory...I've had this desk since moving to Starkville 10 years ago for my junior year of college. It's kind of been passed through my family since we were little. And today going through those drawers was like opening a time machine to 2000. I've found my old printer cartridges, credit cards, library cards, MCC ID cards, pictures, and old copies of Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly (with Prince William and Harry Potter on the covers). I've still got my teacher's license, PRAXIS scores, acceptance letter into grad school, old lesson plan assignment when I was in education, all of it. I've also found birthday cards from my parents, my friends, and Alan from when we were dating. Most meaningful, I've found birthday and Christmas cards from all my grandparent, who have since all died. Who knew that just by cleaning out ONE piece of furniture you'd find your whole past, a snapshot of who you were, who you were becoming, and where you've ended up. And now here I am getting ready for another new stage in my (our) life. Whoo...emotional overload today. So, if you've got that piece of furniture or that box or drawer that you've stuffed everything in, be careful! You never know what insights or discoveries it might lead you to. Oh, and P.S. it might make you hold on to things. I was thinking about selling the desk, but right now, I can't bring myself to get rid of my time capsule!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

For those few who read my blog and not my facebook, the verdict is in! We're having a GIRL! It was so amazing watching the ultrasound; we were both speechless. It's amazing watching what goes on in there. The ultrasound tech told us we have a very active little girl, which is good because I haven't felt anything yet, so I was wondering what was going on in there. Remember I said that because in the next couple of weeks or so, I'm sure I'll be able to feel EVERYTHING! But wow, it seems so real now that we have a little person... a little girl person. Thanks for all the well wishes and the advice on the maternity clothes. I finally got some this weekend, and everyone is definitely least right now, your regular size is the one you want to go with. Now we just get to focus on baby's room and names. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Time Has Come

Alright, my few and faithful blog followers, this is it. My last post as an expectant mother of an unknown child. We go tomorrow to find out, Lord willing and he/she cooperates, if Baby A is a boy or girl. Drumroll please... I can't believe it's already time. This is a very surreal feeling; the feeling that after tomorrow it won't be just this baby I'm carrying or this mysterious thing, but a more definite little person with a gender and, eventually, a specific name. makes this really real, in a great way. Then, we get to focus on all the fun stuff of choosing names and colors and bedding and stuff. And when I go to Disneyworld, in 2 weeks, I'll get to buy his/her first pair of Mickey it! So people this is your last chance...weigh in now. What do you think, boy or girl? You have until tomorrow at 5 to vote. Then, we'll have the answer.

P.S. The most recent perplexing issue I've come across in pregnancy...maternity clothes. Do you buy them in your "normal" size, like they say, because they are suppose fit like that or do I not need to fall in love with the maternity shirts I have so far because I'm going to have to restock in a little while? Help!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One trimester down...two to go!

Well in case I haven't called you personally or you haven't seen my facebook page, SURPRISE! We're expecting a baby! I'm due July 27th, right in the middle of summer...yea! Maybe it won't be too hot until August, but at least Alan and I will be off from school.

It's taken me a while to blog because I've been busy getting back into school and let's face it...I'm TIRED! Number one pregnancy "side effect" I've been dealing with, which isn't so bad considering I've haven't been sick at all (knock on wood). I've been feeling pretty good also, so that's a blessing. But first trimester down, and now I'm on to the second, which according to some sources is suppose to give me energy or at least I'm suppose to not feel AS tired as I have been. Fingers crossed on that one.

And doesn't it seem like when you get pregnant that everyone around you gets pregnant! Every stranger you see in Walmart is pregnant and every day you seem to get a phone call about another friend who has found out she is expecting. For example, right now we have 5 people in our church who are pregnant (and we go to a smaller church) and one other close friend who just found out she is expecting while another two are already pregnant! 2010 is going to be a busy year!

So I'll try to keep up posting some of my "discoveries" of pregnancy and my pet peeves. For instance, must everyone who has ever had a baby tell you her horror story of her pregnancy or how they "like" your doctor, but he's not their favorite because he did something to tick her off. If you can't say something nice...