Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Time Has Come

Alright, my few and faithful blog followers, this is it. My last post as an expectant mother of an unknown child. We go tomorrow to find out, Lord willing and he/she cooperates, if Baby A is a boy or girl. Drumroll please... I can't believe it's already time. This is a very surreal feeling; the feeling that after tomorrow it won't be just this baby I'm carrying or this mysterious thing, but a more definite little person with a gender and, eventually, a specific name. makes this really real, in a great way. Then, we get to focus on all the fun stuff of choosing names and colors and bedding and stuff. And when I go to Disneyworld, in 2 weeks, I'll get to buy his/her first pair of Mickey it! So people this is your last chance...weigh in now. What do you think, boy or girl? You have until tomorrow at 5 to vote. Then, we'll have the answer.

P.S. The most recent perplexing issue I've come across in pregnancy...maternity clothes. Do you buy them in your "normal" size, like they say, because they are suppose fit like that or do I not need to fall in love with the maternity shirts I have so far because I'm going to have to restock in a little while? Help!!