Friday, August 10, 2007

Reasons to Start a Blog

  1. Because apparently your not busy enough with your job, husband, family, life...
  2. Everyone else is doin' it.
  3. You have a job where you talk all day long, but not about what your thinking.
  4. Keep in touch with friends and family that don't see your every day life.
  5. To stop your best friend, sister, cousin, etc. nagging you about getting a blog
  6. To feel very Carrie Bradshaw like
  7. To find a hot date that would know all about you (doesn't count for us married folk)
  8. To be able to get that song, quote, saying, etc. that's been stuck in your mind out of it.
  9. To show off your excellent typing skills.
  10. To prove just how boring your life is. :)
  11. Did I mention everyone else is doin' it?

1 comment:

Morgan Tart said...

Yay!! Now I can stalk you guys!!