Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Anniversary, My Not-So-Naked Tree, and Car!

Monday was our two year anniversary!! Whoohoo! I can't believe it's only been two years; it seems like much longer, in a good way. I still love thinking back to our wedding; I had the BEST time! It was so much fun, if I may say so myself, and of course, look what I got out of it :)Happy Anniversary Sweetie!! For our anniversary, we went out to eat, then we went riding around looking at all the Christmas lights in the "fancy" neighborhoods while listening to Christmas music on my new (working) radio! Then, we came home and clothed our naked Christmas tree! Yea! It was a very fitting thing to do on our anniversary because a lot of our ornaments we actually bought on our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge and Asheville, so it was revisting that whole time again! That's kinda been our thing, whenever we go some where we try to find a Christmas ornament from there to remember it. Here are some pictures of our now clothed Christmas tree and my newish car!!


Alicia said...

Congrats on the Anniversary! Hard to believe it has been two years already.

Chelle said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary. So glad that you finally got that 'naked' tree taken care of. See if you were lucky like me it would never be naked. My tree fits in my attic so I just put it up in the attice every year with the decorations still on easy (and lazy)!