Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Homecoming!!

Yea!! I love a weekend when my Bulldogs win! We went to Homecoming Saturday and had such a good time, but I couldn't believe how hot it was for October! It was ridiculous! My best friend Amanda and her husband Jason were up from Meridian. She hadn't been to a football game since she'd graduated, so I had to show her some of the changes made to the campus, like the "great" way they're doing away with all our roads. Anyway, since it so humid outside and they're seats were in the nosebleed, we all decided to stay in the M Club in the nice AC during the game. I know who comes to a football game to sit inside, but it was worth it on Saturday. Here's a picture of us staying nice and cool. (I know I'm a wuss).

In other sports news, my weekend and Monday ended nicely because the Red Sox won their series three and out, and now the Yankees are done as of last night!! The Red Sox are in, the Yankees are out, and my Bulldogs have the best record they've had in at least 3 years!! Whoo hoo! Go Dawgs!

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