Friday, September 21, 2007

Twelve-Step Program

Hi, I'm Ashley, and I have a grading problem. Yes, it's true; when faced with a huge amount of grading, I can't commit. I look for anything and everything to do from cleaning my house, laundry, TV, blogging (for example), etc. If I call you on the phone, I'm probably trying to avoid grading, which I'm doing right now. More on this phobia later. Right now, I have a grammar irk. I can't stand the use of the word "thing". As if "thing" tells a reader exactly what he/she needs to now. I'm sick of my students using it, and I now realize that I have a "thing" problem or maybe it's just a grammar problem. Am I the only one? I admit to using thing in conversation, but when your teacher writes for the upteenth time that thing is too vague...STOP USING THE WORD!! There's my venting for this hour; Now, back to grading.

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Adelia said...

Good Luck with the grading. I am also one who finds anything to do but the task at hand. Call me sometime when you are trying to avoid grading!