Monday, September 3, 2007

The Joys of Back to School and MSU Football

For the few and faithful who do read my posts, I apologize for the long delay in putting up some new material. School started back for me two weeks ago, and as usual, I kinda disappear trying to get everything in order, but now I'm back and you only have to worry about me disappearing when I have to grade papers, which is like every other day pretty soon. The new school year started off rather well. I've got 4 classes this semester, but instead of teaching just 2 subjects (2 Comp I and 2 Comp II), I've got 3 subjects (2 Comp I, a Remedial, and a Comp II), which is fine because the Remedial English only has 15 students in it. So far, my classes seem to behave fairly well (you wouldn't think that would be an issue in college but these are freshmen). My Comp II class seems very sedate, which means I'm just waiting for them to come out of their shell. Then, last Thursday, in case you missed it, we had our first football game of the year against the LSU Tigers. I love football game days in Starkville. Everyone's festive (read happy and tipsy), cheering, there's hope in the air (especially since this was our first game) that maybe this would be our season, maybe we could pull off the upset. Alas, in case you missed it, we did not, but it was still a football day in Starkville. And yes, I was that teacher who had class the Friday after the ballgame. :) I was missing my share of students, but I will give them kudos that the majority of them showed up on Friday, so I'm lookin forward to a good year! We'll talk about the football season later :)

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