Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Little Q's

Today has been one of those days when I just feel blah. I've got a pile of papers all needing to be graded, sitting there staring me in the face. I know I won't get to them all, and today, class was just mostly blah. I went over grammar (which never gets a good response of course), and I felt that most students just tuned me out, and I hate having that feeling. Most of the time, I assure myself by remembering that was usually the response in most of my college classes, students sitting there in silence, but I don't want my classes to be that way; however, they were today (at least my Comp I's). Then, as I sat down in my office to begin the arduous task of grading, I was reminded why I love teaching, especially college level. Two of my students came in to turn their papers in, and they asked my opinion on renting an apartment. Now I know that doesn't sound like much, but after the response I've had all day, students asking for help was a blessing. I sat there listening to their plans for next year and the places they looked at and the questions they had about rates, utilities, and leases; then, I flashed back to 7 (?!) years ago when I was in the same situation with the same questions and all my college years laying before me. Ahh, memories. It's times like this when students have questions about living on their own for the first time or where to find things on campus or in town that I truly love teaching at State. I love when people actually need my help, and sometimes, especially at the beginning of the semester, you don't get that. Students either don't need it or (more than likely) won't ask. Were we like that? I'm sure. I don't remember many times in college that I actually went to a professor for help, especially during undergrad.

One last point, how about those Dawgs? I was so happy this weekend to hear about my Dawgs beating Auburn! Fingers crossed for this Saturday! Go STATE!!

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