Friday, September 7, 2007

Go Green Wave!!

No, it's not what you think from the title. I am not cheering against my Bulldogs this Saturday (GO STATE!). For those who don't know much about my husband, he is in teaching and coaching, but for the past year, he has been working in business. Now, he has gotten back into his true love, which is at the school. He is a World History teacher/ Economics (a subject I never learned much about thanks to Mr. Zeagler) and the assistant baseball coach of the West Point Green Wave (hence, my go Greenies). As an assistant coach, the school usually makes you coach something else because they need free labor, so Alan has also been the assistant slow pitch softball coach. It has been an awakening experience for him since he's never coached girls before, and it has been a blast from the past for me. I didn't realize how I missed softball or what a great team we had at WL (4 State Championships from 1993-1997)!! However, the Lady Green Waves do not resemble the Lady Knights, nor does the head softball coach. They have struggled big time, 10 run ruled or 15 run-ruled. Then, the heart breaking lose by a point or two, but last night the Lady Green Wave had their first victory!! They played like a team who knows softball (which is a huge improvement), and they didn't give up when the other team was ahead for an inning or two. So, the Lady Green Wave improves to a 1-7 record so far! It makes the games a lot more fun when you win or at least improve!


Adelia said...

Maybe you should go teach them Boatner Ball. That would get them some more wins.

ABL said...

Believe me, they need some Boatner Ball, but first they've got to learn the basics. I try to give them some Boatner Ball wisdom in little doses :)