Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Days?

I can't believe the freaky weather we have been having lately. By the end of school on Friday, everyone was gearing up for snow. Saturday morning, we were awoken by a phone call from JD, who was in Vicksburg, asking if we were getting any snow. To add to my disappointment of being awoken early, I looked outside to see that we didn't have a drop of snow!! This is Columbus, which is north of Vicksburg, how the heck did we not get snow?! And to rub in the irony even more, my parents, and everyone in Collinsville, got about 2-3 inches of snow, not a light little dusting. The last time I saw snow was in 2000; Starkville got more than Collinsville, but I was down home then. Ever since I've become a "northern" Mississippian I have yet to reap the benefits of the "northern" weather. Not only was it freezing cold this weekend, but we had no snow to play in :( At least it was a long weekend! :)

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