Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tornado experiences

If you live in Mississippi, you've been under a tornado watch today. If you're in the Golden Triangle area, you know that not only were we under a watch, but that watch turned into a warning. There was some damage to the Caledonia schools, but as far as I know, no one was hurt. Thank God, but not to play down the seriousness of the situation, but guess where Ashley got stuck during the tornado warning? WALMART!! My friend Shelly and I were going to make a quick run after we were at Belk's, and right before we got our last item, it was announced for all customers and employees to move to the middle of the store. We were there for at least 45 minutes in the middle of the lingerie section, listening to some very annoying employees for 45 minutes. Now, Walmart's not my most favorite place on most days anyway, a necessary evil, but it is certainly the last place I want to be put on lock down in!! If there is a next time, I'm going to the camping section for a chair, then run by the magazines, then I'm going to get me some chips and dip, and have a little party in the lingerie section, and maybe go get a UNO deck too! Don't get me wrong I'm glad they were safety minded, but 45 minutes!! This definitely goes down as a new experience for the new year!

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Chelle said...

Glad to hear that you are safe. Next time, just pack a lunch and party while in Walmart!
Walmert is not my favorite place to shop to begin with, but I could not imagine being "held hostage" in there for 45 minutes.
Take care,