Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raindrops on Roses

These are a few of my favorite things. I promised I would blog more if I had something to talk about, and well, I'm doing better. At least this is the second blog in the same month! Maybe I'll finally start blogging every week...gasp! In honor of today and tomorrow, my next favorite thing is....RAIN!

I love rain! Thunderstorms or just a spring shower, I love it! I like rain better when I'm lying in bed, and I don't have to be anywhere and the sound just rolls off the roof and keeps me dreaming...sigh. I don't like driving in a heavy downpour, but after the last few summers with little to no rain, I am not complaining regardless. Right now I'm loving rain because it gets rid of all the nasty pollen! What's the point of washing my nasty car if it's just going to become yellow? I'm on carwashing strike! This time of year (baseball season) I also like rain because it gives us a relief, usually in the form of a night off during the week to just be, right Ashley W? When you have 5 games during a week, sometimes you frankly pray for rain. Of course, you have to make them up, but mostly the break is worth it! P.S. I'm praying for a rainout tomorrow!!

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Samantha said...

Rain is coming again tomorrow!!! I am so tired of the rain!

Would you like to donate a little for the Multiple Sclerosis walk on Saturday?? We have a big group together for Brandon and we are all walking at propst park for the MS walk.. I completely understand if you can't donate! It never hurts to ask :) Go to my page to find out more details..

Thanks girl :)